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Date:     November 2012


Our new Web-Site will come up shortly.


In the meantime, pls find a short description of our services.


WuCon is a contractor, independent from equipment suppliers like gas clean-up, enrichment, compression, liquefaction and transmission producers. Our strength is: CNG Stations and CNG network developments, BioGas Upgrading- and LCNG and/or LBG Plants. We don’t claim to be the best and biggest, but we work hard to develop and maintain close working relationships with our customers, always listening carefully and reacting quickly to their changing needs. With our skills and technological services we are able to successfully provide tailored solutions that consistently focus on our customers individual requirements.


Services executed by WuCon

Any kind of consultancy work or turnkey solution provider in the sphere of the Natural Gas-, CNG-and BioGas industry like:

Consultancy work:

·        Pre-feasibility study

o   Sizing of plant

o   CAPEX/OPEX estimates

·        Feasibility studies

o   Plant layout

o   Design of CNG Stations or BioGas Upgrading Plants

·        Specification of all plant and related equipment

o   Confirm all plant sizing and layout

o   Search of CNG Equipment or BioGas Upgrading Plants suppliers (Cylinders, Conversion Kits, Compressors, Upgrading Technologies, etc.)

o   Tendering for major plant items

o   Selection of Best Suppliers

o   Technical and commercial negotiations

Turnkey Solution Provider:

·        From Feasibility studies to Specification of all plant and related equipment to

·        Engineer, Design, Manage, Purchase, Deliver, Install and Handover complete CNG Stations and/or BioGas Upgrading Plants and/or LCNG or LBG Plants.


We’d be pleased to offer our services to you.

Thank you for your business





WuCon GmbH

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E-Mail:   gwu@wuon.eu

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